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1080P Light Bulb Spy Camera

1080P Light Bulb Spy Camera

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Easily enhance your home security with our cutting-edge Light Bulb...Read more

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Easily enhance your home security with our cutting-edge Light Bulb Camera. Say goodbye to complicated installations – this innovative device seamlessly replaces your existing bulb without the need for any extra wiring. With a 360-degree horizontal rotation and a 90-degree vertical turnover, you'll have no blind spots in your surveillance, ensuring your family and children feel safe and secure.

Moreover, the Motion Detection and Alert Notification feature adds an extra layer of protection. When our light bulb camera detects any unusual activity or a change in the video screen, it sends real-time alerts to your cell phone. Rest assured, it won't trigger false alarms for innocuous events like passing cars or rustling leaves. The camera's built-in microphone and speaker allow you to communicate through it, even providing a voice alert when necessary.

Experience next-level monitoring with our Advanced Night Vision capabilities. Our upgraded HD night vision function lets you seamlessly switch between infrared and white light night vision, providing vivid, colorful images and enriching your visual experience, even in low light conditions.

Don't limit your peace of mind to your home's four walls; our home Wi-Fi camera supports remote viewing. With this functionality, you can keep a watchful eye on what matters most, from anywhere, at any time.



❥Alert Notification: Real-Time Alerts

❥Audio: Two-Way Communication

❥Power supply: E27 Standard Socket

❥Waterproof Rating: IP66 Certified

❥High Definition: 1080P (Full HD Resolution)

❥Lens (mm): 3.6mm Focal Length

❥Sensor: CMOS Sensor Technology

❥Connectivity: IP/Network Wireless Connection

❥Viewing Angle: 355° (Horizontal)/90° (Vertical)

❥Night Mode: Seamless Infrared Night Vision

❥Supported Mobile Systems: Android & iOS Compatibility

❥Voltage: Wide Range from 110-240V

❥Power consumption: Energy-Efficient (<5W Usage)


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