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Avocado Mint Ball Toy

Avocado Mint Ball Toy

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Are you in search of an exciting and interactive feline plaything that also...Read more

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Are you in search of an exciting and interactive feline plaything that also contributes to your cat's oral well-being? Search no further than the delightful Avocado Mint Ball Toy! Crafted with all-natural catnip, this captivating ball toy promises to keep your furry companion entertained for extended periods, all while aiding in dental care. What's more, the Avocado Mint Ball Toy can even enhance your cat's digestive system. It's not just a source of amusement; it's a health booster too! Don't miss out – order yours today and treat your beloved feline to endless hours of joy and well-being.

Elevate playtime with the Avocado Mint Ball Toy:

  1. Dental health and playtime combine seamlessly, thanks to natural catnip.
  2. Keeps your cat engaged and aids in teeth cleaning.
  3. Supports a healthy digestive system and overall well-being.
  4. A must-have addition to your cat's toy collection, providing endless amusement and health benefits.



Product Information:

Product Name: Avocado Mint Ball Toy

Material: Catnip-infused ABS ball

Recommended for: Feline companions

Specifications: Slight variations in sphere diameter (approx. +28MM)

Weight: Approximately 26g

How to use: Interact directly with your cat

Key Features: Facilitates teeth cleaning, oral hygiene maintenance,

Boosts digestive well-being, and more.