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Pet Floating Bowl

Pet Floating Bowl

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Crafted with thoughtful features such as plates and overflow holes, this innovative slow feeder...Read more

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Crafted with thoughtful features such as plates and overflow holes, this innovative slow feeder effectively safeguards your pet's oral health by keeping their mouths dry and stain-free. The waterproof frame and ingenious floating plate design not only prevent spills but also simplify the cleaning process, ensuring a hassle-free maintenance routine.


Boasting a generous capacity, our pet water basin ensures a continuous and ample water supply for your furry companion throughout the day. The automatic adjustment floating plate is a key feature, moderating water consumption to prevent instances of choking or vomiting, thereby fostering healthier drinking habits.


Beyond its functionality, our versatile pet water basin is designed for various settings. Its exceptional splash-proof design guarantees no spills even on uneven surfaces, making it ideal for diverse environments, including vehicles, homes, offices, studios, outdoor adventures, and more.


Discover unparalleled convenience in keeping your pet hydrated while creating a neat and orderly space. Opt for our Pet Water Basin – the ultimate solution for a hygienic and user-friendly experience for your cherished pet.


In addition to these features, the basin's non-slip base provides added stability, preventing accidental spills and enhancing overall usability. The transparent material of the basin allows for easy monitoring of water levels, ensuring timely refills and keeping your pet satisfied. The compact and portable design makes it a perfect companion for on-the-go pet owners, fitting seamlessly into your daily routines. Lastly, the eco-friendly materials used in its construction emphasize our commitment to both your pet's well-being and environmental sustainability.


Specification for Type X:

Dimensions: 225mmX185mmX78mm | Capacity: 1.5 liters | Equipped with a secure non-skid bottom surface.


Specification for Variant Y:

Size: 190mmX181mmX80mm | Volume: 1L | Lacks a bottom non-skid pad for a streamlined design.